AED Cost of Ownership – AED Maintenance

Philips Adult SMART Cartridge

As with any purchase initial cost is of concern but as people operating business know, maintenance and upkeep must also be considered when purchasing any piece of equipment. Here we provide you with the basic information that you should know when making these cost comparisons. Estimated Annual Operating Cost (EAOC) This is simply the estimated cost that customers should include … Read More

Why buy AEDs?

Medtronic AEDs

Having an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) on site can greatly increase the odds of a person who suffers a heart attack / Sudden Cardiac Arrest surviving. That is the simple truth. A better question is why wouldn’t you purchase an AED?  What value do you place upon your employees, students, customers, church members, visitors, or gym members?  In the event … Read More where AED buying is made simple and affordable

The statistics for Sudden Cardiac Arrest deaths in the U.S. each year are absolutely alarming.  There are incredibly passionate individuals who teach CPR, form foundations, conduct heart screening events, sell AEDs, and volunteer their time and advocate for the cause of prevention and protecting lives.  And yet too many people are not yet aware of the problem that SCA poses … Read More