About purchaseAEDs.com

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are life-saving devices that should be deployed in every workplace and every community.  At purchaseAEDs.com it is our aim to cut through the confusion and make this technology and the selection and buying of this equipment straightforward.  With an easy to navigate site and very clear product descriptions we believe that we’ve made the complex become very simple.

Choose between products like the ZOLL AED Plus, Philips HeartStart OnSite HS1, Samaritan PAD, LifeLine AED, and the LIFEPAK CR-Plus.  For professionals like Fire Departments, EMS and Law Enforcement we offer products like the LIFEPAK 1000, ZOLL AED Pro, and the new Philips HeartStart FRx.  Need a CPR training class simply add one to your cart and we can deliver in any geography.  To ensure compliance with State AED Laws you can also add En-Pro PlusTrac which offers Medical Direction, AED Tracking Software and Event Review when you use an AED defibrillator in a rescue.

Maintaining AEDs is obviously very important so PurchaseAEDs.com offers wonderful pricing on AED batteries and pads. Some of our top sellers are Philips SMART Pads for the OnSite AED and the M5070A long-life battery for the Philips HS1 and FRx AEDs.  We also of Samaritan PAD-PAKs, ZOLL StatPadz II and CPR-D Padz and LIFEPAK Charge-PAKs and more.

We acknowledge that some customers know exactly what they want and they look to buy quickly and efficiently on PurchaseAEDs.com.  For those customers, simply load your cart and purchase with the confidence that we always provide excellent pricing and value.  For those that need some assistance or have questions, utilize our toll free support by calling 1-855-677-AEDS.  Should you have many questions you can also consider contacting our partner www.AEDOneStopShop.com for complete consultation for public access defibrillation programs.  There are no special gimmicks, we sell only brand new AED products from the manufacturer and never sell used or reconditioned goods, not when lives are on the line.  We applaud your interest and investment in safety and we remain committed to support your every need.