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Workplace Bundles

In a workplace or public setting AEDs should be visible and accessible to all. These AED bundles feature every item needed to save a life including the AED cabinets and signage. We recommend these Workplace & Community Bundles for corporations, schools, government and anywhere that people gather.

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Portable Bundles

These configurations are ideal for life-saving AEDs that mobile and portable. These AED bundles include all the accessories like batteries, pads, carrycases and response kits. We recommend these mobile bundles for the home setting, vehicle placement and for first responders.

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WI-FI Connected Workplace Bundles

Batteries & Pads

Make sure you have the proper accessories so that your AED can work properly for years to come! You can trust to carry the right batteries and replacement pads so that your AED kits are ready when you need them most.

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Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are life-saving devices that should be deployed in every workplace and every community. At Purchase AEDs .com it is our aim to cut through the confusion and make this technology and the selection and buying of this equipment straightforward. With an easy to navigate site and very clear product descriptions we believe that we’ve made the complex become very simple. You’ll love the variety and the trusted brands we offer like LIFEPAK, Philips HeartStart, ZOLL, HeartSine Samaritan, Defbtech LifeLine / ReviveR, Cardiac Science. And why not add an American Heart CPR/AED training class too?

We acknowledge that some customers know exactly what they want and they look to buy quickly and efficiently on Purchase AEDs .com. For those customers, simply load your cart and purchase with the confidence that we always provide excellent pricing and value. For those that need some assistance or have questions, utilize our toll free support by calling 855-677-2337.

There are no special gimmicks, we sell only brand new products from the manufacturer and never sell used or reconditioned goods, not when lives are on the line. We applaud your interest and investment in safety and we remain committed to support your every need.

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