The Simplicity of the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED

If you’re considering buying Philips HeartStart AEDs, you should consider For decades, Philips has been a major player in the AED industry with their Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDs. Royal Philips is headquartered in the Netherlands and it has established trust amongst buyers as a leading company in healthcare and consumer electronics. Their AEDs can be easily recognized by the … Read More

Black Friday $995.00 AED Deal

AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) save lives and you could too with a brand new Samaritan AED (FDA-Approved ) for your home, vehicle or organization.  Our Black Friday thru Cyber Monday $995.00 AED offer is $300 off the HeartSine Samaritan 350P Portable Bundle.  Use promo code:  BLACK995AED and it expires 12/2/19 at midnight.  It’s the smallest AED, it’s really easy-to-use and … Read More

Why the LIFEPAK CR2 AED Stands Apart

What’s new in Automated External Defibrillators?  The LIFEPAK CR2!!!!  This life-saving device is manufactured by Physio-Control (now a Stryker Company.) The engineers must have been working overtime to fit so many features into this compact and easy-to-use device.  This device represents and introduces a new approach to t public access defibrillation.  If you’re familiar with AEDs or if your organization … Read More

What Is AED PlusTrac & Why Do We Need It?

At we often get the question “Can you service our AEDs?” or “Do you offer maintenance agreements or site inspections for our AEDs?”  We realize that what our customers are really looking for is the peace of mind to know their AEDs haven’t been neglected, that their pads and batteries are current, and most of all that the AED … Read More

10 Tips on How to Buy AEDs Online

In an effort to be proactive, you want to protect the lives of your employees and guests, and have decided upon getting workplace AEDs! You’ve gotten the approval to proceed but you’re not sure how to select the right type of AED—aren’t all AEDs the same? You realize this is not a typical purchase that someone makes everyday, and lives … Read More

AED Defibrillators for Home and Personal Use

Did you know that 1,000 people die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest each day in the U.S?  Did you know about 60 – 70% of those fatalities occur in the home setting?  Did you know that SCA is not at all the same as a heart attack?  Did you know the fatal electrical misfire of the heart called Cardiac Arrest takes … Read More

AED Readiness versus AED Service Contracts

You’ve invested in AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and that’s great but you’ve realized your organization must maintain and check them.  All AEDs require batteries and pads to be replaced over time because the batteries deplete when perform self-checks and the pads expire because of the water-based gel drying out and FDA regulations.  Beyond those consumable replacements, most States require that … Read More

How to Select & Buy AED Defibrillators

Request an AED Quote

Your organization chooses to invest in life-protecting AEDs or perhaps you have them and are seeking to upgrade to the latest lifesaving technology. But how do you go about choosing which one of the six FDA brands to select, or even further which model and configuration. This would take an individual or safety team weeks to research and price. But … Read More

Myths About AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)

It’s sad but true that many organizations, companies, schools, non-profits and communities have steered clear of investing in life-saving AEDs (Workplace Defibrillators) because of myths or misinformation. AED One-Stop Shop and are here to offer some clarity for you on these common opinions. Our aim of this short article is certainly not to persuade you to buy them but … Read More

Replacing & Upgrading Philips HeartStart AEDs

Philips Healthcare manufactures the popular HeartStart AEDs that are typically in a distinctive red carrying case. AED One-Stop Shop is an “authorized Philips National Distributor” and we often get questions about AEDs being discontinued and when to replace them. If you’ve had AEDs for about 10 – 20 years it’s possible that your AEDs have reached “End of Life” or … Read More