Why do we feel like purchaseAEDs.com is simply the best place to buy AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) on the internet?

AEDs are commonplace now in workplaces and communities but these amazing devices shouldn’t be considered commodities. Having the right AED type could mean the difference of someone being saved versus dying to a tragic cardiac arrest. What will you enjoy about purchaseAEDs.com that makes us so different? Why is purchaseAEDs.com the best online AED shop on the planet?

  1. The Interactive AED Buyer’s Guide is a short 14 question survey which helps us make a professional recommendation to you. Simply answer the questions and leave a few details and one of our AED Consultants will email you product links or quotes for the ideal life-saving solution for you. No competitors have such a tool.
  2. We carry all the major brands: Philips HeartStart, ZOLL, HeartSine Samaritan, LIFEPAK, Defibtech Lifeline and Cardiac Science Powerheart. Customers absolutely love they can manage supplies all of their AEDs even if they are different types.
  3. Meet the purchaseAEDs.com Portable Bundle which oh so conveniently groups all the supplies you’d need to save a life. The Portable Bundles are ideal for the home, a vehicle, or first responder because they feature the AED itself, battery, pads, carrying case and a rescue kit with shears, razor and other items.
  4. If your AED is going into a facility, you’ll enjoy the purchaseAEDs.com Workplace & Community Bundles which feature everything you get in a Portable Bundle plus a wall-mount cabinet and 3D sign. No need to hunt down all the items you desire, just conveniently select our bundles.
  5. purchaseAEDs.com is easy-to-navigate as we’ve listened to our online customers and adopted some of the best ecommerce features like live chat and reviews. The site is designed to help you find products and services swiftly.
  6. We offer more than equipment. A well-designed AED program is more than just hanging AEDs on the wall, organizations should invest in CPR/AED training for the staff and AED Readiness Software to ensure that AEDs are checked monthly and never neglected.
  7. The checkout process is amazingly quick and efficient. Customers love that they can use their Amazon or PayPal account by just logging in so that ship to addresses and payment methods are already populated.

These reasons are game changers for our AED customers. Please learn a little more about Amazon Pay and PayPal Checkout by watching the short videos below….