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Your organization has made the decision to buy AEDs and this decision to purchase Automated External Defibrillators is an intelligent one.  There is no more precious a commodity than ones people and with this investment in safety you’ll protect the lives of those who work at and visit your single or multiple locations.  But, which AED do you buy and where do your buy it from?  This short article is written and published to help you weigh a few important considerations.

Ease-of-use is perhaps the most important feature customers seem to look for.  Corporations, communities, churches, schools and other may have some trained responders on staff but for the most part they seek an AED type is that easy-to-use and straight forward for anyone to operate.  The features that might be attractive here are good voice prompts, automatic shock delivery, visual prompts, and CPR coaching.

Speed to shock makes sense to weigh when we consider that the time to defibrillation is a major contributor the success of the resuscitation.  This category is related to ease-of-use and how quickly the rescuer can execute the commands but in addition some AEDs can certainly shock faster than others.

Reliability of the AED is also of great interest to customers.  When they opt to invest in the life-protecting technology of Automated External Defibrillators, the customer wants to know that the device will function properly when needed.  Some of these considerations are warranty length, brand reputation, and also self-testing features which check the AED’s parts and components.

Cost of ownership is also important to customers who manage budgets closely and are also considering the ongoing cost to having AEDs such as batteries, pads, training and program management.  Though cost certainly shouldn’t be the top criteria for the selection of a life-saving device such as this, it is smart to understand how much the consumables cost and how frequently they should be replaced.

AED One-Stop Shop’s core mission is to be a consultant to our customers.  We help decision makers weigh which product features best meet their specific needs.  Our model ensures we select the right product for the customer’s needs not our own.  By the way, there’s no additional cost or premium to the customer for this industry expertise.  We customize proposals and email quotes same day for our customers.  Click here for this brand:  AED One-Stop Shop. on the other hand is designed for the customer who knows what they want.  In a World where customers appreciate efficiency and choice, e-commerce sites are abundant. is designed to simplify this sometimes complicated AED category in that it is easy to navigate and understand.  Click here for this brand:

Whether you chose one of these trusted National AED businesses or another, do invest in AEDs and be proactive in this decision before an employee or loved one is lost.