HeartSine AEDs

Medical emergencies can happen without warning. To increase the victim’s chance of survival and minimize damages to their health, immediate cardiac arrest treatment is crucial. HeartSine AEDs are electronic, portable machines that can be used to resuscitate someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and other medical episodes. Made available in public areas, HeartSine AEDs connect everyone and everything involved in an emergency, from first responders to bystanders. Providing step-by-step instruction and easy-to-use equipment, HeartSine AEDs make life-saving treatment available anytime, anywhere, and give anyone the power to save a life.

HeartSine Samaritan AED Products

Combining innovative technology with simple direction, HeartSine AEDs help save precious minutes by readying anyone to respond to a medical emergency. With little time to react and even less time to think, HeartSine AEDs easily guide rescuers through SCA treatment, while also alerting local authorities and connecting to first responders. Using the revolutionary SCOPE™ and ICG-based, real-time CPR feedback, HeartSine AEDs utilize industry-leading technology to deliver medical-grade shocks. Within the industry, HeartSine AEDs are considered one of the best, most affordable AED brands, offering top performance, simplicity, and one-change maintenance in a compact, portable package.

Responding to SCA with HeartSine AEDs

While quickly responding to medical emergencies is important, effectively responding is even more crucial. If you witness someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, here’s what you should do:

  1. Call 911 - First and foremost, alert local emergency services. This ensures that professional help is notified and on the way.
  2. Administer CPR - Prior to using an AED, administer CPR. Typically, once an AED is turned on, it will deliver voice instructions on how to perform CPR.
  3. Use an AED - If an AED is nearby and available, turn it on and follow the instructions. It will guide you on how to check the victim’s pulse and breathing before determining if they need to be resuscitated, and if so, it will provide instructions on how to use the AED to deliver a shock.

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No one knows when a medical emergency will strike, but anyone can be prepared with a HeartSine AED from Purchase AEDs! From shopping malls and community centers to small and large businesses alike, HeartSine AEDs are crucial to ensuring the public is ready to respond to an emergency anytime, anywhere. Browse our selection online or call us at (855) 677-2338!

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