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Surrounded by family and everything we need, home is often a place of comfort and security, but that doesn’t exclude it from being the place where a medical emergency can occur. A cardiac arrest episode can strike at any moment, triggering an irregular heartbeat and preventing the brain and other vital organs from receiving the oxygen they need. Essentially a disruption of the heart, cardiac arrest can have serious medical ramifications, or even worse, may result in death.

Using a jolt of electricity to revive a victim and restore a regular heartbeat, home AEDs can help anyone save a life! From AED bundles to accessories and equipment, Purchase AEDs is proud to offer a wide selection of home AEDs online, featuring industry-leading brands and design. Whether or not you have a known heart condition, it’s our belief that every residence should be equipped with a home AED, and beyond that, the reassuring, life-saving technology they provide!

Increase the level of comfort, security, and safety in your home with a home AED from Purchase AEDs—providing you with powerful life-saving technologies!

Using a Home AED

Simple and effective, home AEDs offer immediate help in the event that you or someone in your home suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Following these easy steps, anyone is capable of saving a life!

  1. Call 911: First and foremost, contact 911 or your local emergency services to ensure that professional help is on the way.
  2. Turn on your home AED: Once on, it will deliver easy-to-administer, step-by-step instructions on how to perform CPR and correctly use the AED.
  3. Deliver the Shock: After placing the pads on the chest, the home AED will measure the heart’s rhythm and determine if a shock is needed.

Using a Home AED

While quickly responding to medical emergencies is important, effectively responding is even more crucial. If you witness someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, here’s what you should do:

  1. Call 911 - First and foremost, alert local emergency services. This ensures that professional help is notified and on the way.
  2. Administer CPR - Prior to using an AED, administer CPR. Typically, once an AED is turned on, it will deliver voice instructions on how to perform CPR.
  3. Use an AED - If an AED is nearby and available, turn it on and follow the instructions. It will guide you on how to check the victim’s pulse and breathing before determining if they need to be resuscitated, and if so, it will provide instructions on how to use the AED to deliver a shock.

AED Products, Services, & Consultations

Beyond home AED products, Purchase AEDs offers a variety of other goods and services to help educate users and ensure they’re equipped to confidently and accurately operate an AED. Beginning with a consultation, our team will help you identify your needs and determine which home AED would best meet them. Even after your purchase, we're still here to help with maintenance, education, and resources—helping you get the most out of your home AED!


Life-Saving Home AEDs

Providing peace of mind and life-saving abilities at the push of a button, home AEDs are an essential component to any home! Be sure you or a family member is prepared to react and save a life with some of these top-brand home AEDs:

  • Heartsine
  • Philips HeartStart
  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK
  • Zoll
  • Cardiac science Powerheart
  • And more!

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