Comprehensive Mobilize Rescue Systems


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COMPREHENSIVE Rescue System, Hardened Carry Case with Integrated Mobilize Rescue App and Complete set of Rescue Supplies

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The COMPREHENSIVE Rescue System is the top end offering from ZOLL Mobilize. The Comprehensive system weighs 15 poinds and its dimensions are L 17.2” x W 13.7 x D 6.5″. It has the most treatement capabilities to include all of these: Severe Bleeding, Unconsciousness, CPR, Rescue Breathing Children & Infants, AED Application, Trouble Breathing, Opiate Overdoses, Hypothermia, Seizures, Choking, Impaled Objects, Amputations, Confusion, Stings, Pain, Trapped Limbs, Burns, Fractures & Sprains, Diabetic Problems, Chest Pain, Allergic Reactions