AED Batteries & Pads

AED Batteries and Pads is the place to buy AED batteries and pads (or electrodes.)  These items should never be neglected as their function is obviously crucial to the readiness of the AED in an emergency.  AEDs typically chirp and display a visual self-test fail when the battery is low.  If you’re curious why a battery may become low when an AED is rarely used it’s because the batteries fuel the self-tests that the AEDs complete to ensure readiness.  Pads are different, however, since there is often there is no visual or audible warning that pads have expired.  You must look at pad expiration every time you conduct an audit.  The FDA requires pads be replaced because the water-based gel (which sticks to the chest and conducts the life-saving defibrillation therapy) typically dries out over time.

Here is a very useful schedule which describes the standard expiration or life of the AED accessories or consumables:

Brand Product Type Expiration or Life
Defibtech Lifeline Pads/Electrodes 2-Years
Defibtech Lifeline Batteries 5-Years or 7-Years
EN-PRO PlusTrac Program Mgt License 1-Year to 5-Years
HeartSine Samaritan PADPAKs 4-Years
Physio-Control LIFEPAK Charge-Pak Kit 2-Years
Philips HeartStart Pads/Electrodes 2-Years
Philips HeartStart Batteries 4-Years
ZOLL AED Plus CPR-D Padz 5-Years
ZOLL AED Plus Stat-Padz 2-Years
ZOLL AED Plus Batteries 1-Year to 2-Years

If you’re managing many AEDs especially if they are in different buildings, locations and even different geography then you should certainly consider AED Program Management software.  These offerings like PlusTrac, StatPADS and Arch have wonderfully designed systems to provide reminders to check AEDs and detailed audit processes and tracking for compliance.

AED batteries can be found here batteries from, AED pads can be found here electrodes from and training AEDs can be found here AED trainers from  For more accessories like wall cabinets and rescue kits just browse the categories on our site with amazingly simple navigation.  Thanks for trusting in for your life-protection needs.