Powerheart by ZOLL AEDs

Imagine this scenario: You’re at your workplace or a public event when someone suddenly collapses. Their life depends on quick action. What would you do? This is where AEDS, or automated external defibrillators, come into play. Powerheart by ZOLL AEDs are renowned for their excellence in saving lives. When it comes to life and death, Powerheart by ZOLL AED products … Read More

Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs from PurchaseAEDs.com

Cardiac Science AEDs

Cardiac Science is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just west of Milwaukee, the company also has a manufacturing facility in Deerfield, Wisconsin, as well as operations in California, Denmark, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom and has an installed base of over 500,000 units in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Their newest life-saving device is the Powerheart G5 AED which is loaded … Read More

Powerheart AEDs from Cardiac Science & PurchaseAEDs.com

Cardiac Science G5 Portable Bundle

The Powerheart AEDs from Cardiac Science / PurchaseAEDs.com are some of the most-trusted devices in the industry.  The Powerheart G3 types are blue and yellow in color and they feature a distinctive blue handle at the top.  The new Powerheart G5 types are orange in color with a gray carrying case.  The Powerheart line of Automated External Defibrillators are known … Read More