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HeartStart AED online

If you’re familiar with the small, easy-to-use public defibrillators also known as AEDs then you’ve probably seen the popular HeartStart type.  The HeartStart AEDs are made by Philips and distinguished by their red and white carry cases.

HeartStart AEDs have become popular because of their excellent voice prompts which calmly guide the rescuer through saving a life including coach for CPR.  Beyond their simplicity, customers also appreciate their affordability both upfront when they buy from purchaseAEDs.com and when they buy the affordable Philips batteries or Smart pads.

To further the value and convenience of buying Philips AEDs from purchaseAEDs.com we’ve carefully crafted the Workplace & Community Bundles.  Which include the following for an unbelievably manageable price of just $1280.00 on sale today.

  • Philips HeartStart OnSite AED
  • Slim Carrying Case from Philips
  • Long-Life Philips 4-Year Battery
  • 1 SMART Adult Electrode Pads
  • Philips Fast Response Kit (CPR mask, shears, razor, etc.)
  • Surface Mount Metal AED Cabinet
  • 3-Dimensional Wall Sign
  • Owner Manual & Maintenance Booklet
  • Quick Setup Guide & Reference Guide
  • 8-Year Manufacturer Warranty

We commonly serve some of the following markets:  businesses, private schools, charter schools, universities, colleges, public school districts, churches, government offices, utility companies, facility management, construction, oil and gas industry, transportation, public safety and local infrastructure.  The Philips HeartStart AEDs certainly are a good choice for these type of applications.  But we find that customers sometimes have many questions and seek help over the phone.  Our partner company is AED One-Stop Shop and they utilize a very consultative style of doing business.  Their aim is to pair customers with the perfect life-saving AED, some in fact consider them to be the authority on the topic of public defibrillation.  Here’s a video from AED One-Stop Shop which explains more.  Call us at 505-800-5280 for more on what we do.  And to learn more about Philips HeartStart products this is a pretty informative page.