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You make the decision (and a very wise one) to protect your employees, customers and visitors with an easy-to-use AED or Automated External Defibrillator…. but what now?  Our customers often have several questions that need answering:

“What type of AED(s) do we buy?”

“What else do we need?”

“What about training?”

“How do we minimize our liability or risk?”

At AED One-Stop Shop and we help answer these questions.  In short you simply don’t buy the cheapest AED but rather one that fits your preference with the appropriate product features.  You should not neglect carry cases, spare electrode pads, wall cabinets, signage and rescue kits as each could play a vital role in a rescue.  CPR/AED training and certification is always a wonderful idea as employees benefit from training and feel more confident in the use of the device.  And a Program Management solution can mitigate risk and ensure that the equipment is ready whenever a sudden cardiac arrest should occur.

At we utilize a very consultative approach to business and our professionals help guide customers through the process of creating a well-designed AED program and “heart safe environment.”

At we make online AED simple and affordable.  And we are excited to share our Workplace & Community Bundles which answers the question “What else do we need?”  These specially configured bundles include all the equipment that would be needed to protect a life in a building or facilities.  The packages typically include the AED itself, batteries, pads, a sturdy metal wall cabinet, signage, and a kit that contains shears or scissors, a razor and a CPR mask or shield.

In addition to ensuring you are equipped with all you need, the Workplace Bundles from provide wonderful value.  The packages range from $1260 – $1800 in price which most agree is a small price to protect the lives of those we love and care about.  We are proud to offer wonderful live-saving devices and to provide these popular Community Bundles.

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