AED Defibrillators On Sale

AED Defibrillators For Sale

Searching for AEDs on the web?  Looking for sale priced AED Defibrillators for your workplace, community or organization.  This can sometimes be more challenging than you’d think. in a relative new-comer but the simple approach, free shipping, and excellent pricing is helping propel this multi-brand AED vendor.  First of all there are only about 100 products on the site because although we offer 5 of the top brands in the business we only offer their most popular items.  Customers have told us that they can find the AED device, or battery or pads more easily.  There are drop down menus to shop by brand or by product type.

Our most popular items are the Workplace Bundles which group everything you’d need for a facility.  The bundle is configured to include the AED defibrillator itself, batteries, pads, carrycases, rescue kits, cabinets and signage.  Beyond the convenience of having all these necessary accessories in one package, the pricing is discounted deeply.

Once you have AEDs in place it’s necessary to replace batteries and pads every so often.  The electrode pads have a specific expiration date and it’s important to swap them out prior to the expiration. Shop AED pads here. Batteries get depleted over time, this caused by the self-testing of the unit, use of the AED, and even climate. Shop AED batteries here.

When shopping for AED Defibrillators on sale we believe there’s perhaps no better online resource than  Are you looking for a particular brand?

Check out the site to learn about our offerings and try the blog for more information and helpful articles.  Don’t forget the AED cabinets and Medical Direction and Management.  We sell that too.  For help email or call 855-677-2337.  Come and visit me on Google+ Laurence Saban.