Do You Have AEDs or a Complete AED Program?

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That you have invested in Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) could be the difference between an employee, student, customer, athlete, or visitor living or dying on the premises of your organization.  For those that have taken the steps to proactively equip themselves with these small and easy-to-use life-saving devices, you should be commended.  This action makes a statement and displays that you care.

There is, however, more to a truly outstanding AED Program than purchasing devices alone.  What good for instance are the AEDs if ones employees are intimidated about using them?  What could be the consequence of an AED not working correctly in an emergency situation due to a dead battery?  To create a “heart safe environment” there are other products and services that could better your AED Program and your overall readiness.


Below are a few industry terms that are described simply and plainly:

Medical Direction / Medical Oversight – A physician agrees to oversee your AED Program ensuring that a protocol is in place and the program is well designed.  This physician will typically review the data from the AED when it is used for a rescue.  Medical Direction is required in some States and encouraged in others.

Medical Prescription – This should not be confused with Medical Direction.  It is simply a paper or digital prescription certificate to authorize an AED for your organization.  Some manufacturers include a prescription with the device while others charge a nominal fee.

CPR/AED Training & Certification – An authorized CPR instructor trains employees in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and use of an AED.  This is typically a 3 hour course in which students get training materials, use of an AED trainer and manikin, and receive a 2 – year certification.  Students gain confidence in the use of an AED and take these important life-saving skills with them to their homes and communities.

Maintenance Audits & Tracking – To ensure AEDs are fully functional when they are needed most, an organization should check their AEDs status periodically, most often monthly.  An inspection of the AED should include checking of the pads, battery and AED status indicator.  This important audit information should be recorded diligently and there is fantastic industry specific software which helps do so efficiently.

Service Contracts & Maintenance Visits – This is where a professional of some type checks your AEDs about once a year and completes routine maintenance of the equipment.  These are declining in popularity due to the expense and also that the AEDs complete quite vigorous self-testing of their components.  If you have a tracking system in place like the one described above the visits aren’t really necessary, but occasionally a customer enjoys the peace of mind it gives them.

EMS Registration – This is a paper or digital form that is submitted to your local EMS agencies that informs them of the specific locations of your organization’s AEDs.

Post-Event Services – When an AED is used (whether the outcome is positive or not) the data should be downloaded from the device (using a communication cord, data card and software) and reviewed by a Medical Director or treating Hospital.  Post-Event Services are offered to the client to take care of the download, review, transfer of data and often with a replacement AED offered so the client is not without a working AED for long.


I hope you found these descriptions useful.  AED One-Stop Shop offers these services from the very best specialists in the industry.  We can bundle a package of services and sometimes we can offer services on an a la carte basis.  Customers who have invested in some or all of these services find that their AED Program runs smoothly and that they are not burdened with the management of the program all by themselves.  Such systems empower employee contacts at each site and give them roles and responsibilities.  Even more than the organization and efficiency that Program Management provides, the raise the likelihood of lives being saved as a result of the organizational readiness.  If you’ve invested in AED but have yet to consider Program Management from AED One-Stop Shop, contact us right away by clicking here:   AED One-Stop Shop (one partner. all solutions.)