AED Readiness versus AED Service Contracts

You’ve invested in AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and that’s great but you’ve realized your organization must maintain and check them.  All AEDs require batteries and pads to be replaced over time because the batteries deplete when perform self-checks and the pads expire because of the water-based gel drying out and FDA regulations.  Beyond those consumable replacements, most States require that an organization’s monthly device audits be documented and this can help mitigate legal risk too.

So this begs the question, do you tackle the maintenance yourself or hire an expensive 3rd party to come on site each month. highly recommends leveraging technology and your own staff.  Ultimately the 3rd parties are no more capable than your staff and it makes very logical sense for your staff to know where the AEDs are in preparation for an emergency.  With our web-based AED readiness software solutions an organization can empower their employees to check the AEDs routinely and at the same time be cognizant of battery and pads expiration dates.  Here’s how it works and you’ll be pleased to know there’s no need for any more spreadsheets or paper check-tags.  We upload your organizations AED roster into the secure database to include the device make, model, serial number, expiration dates along with the account data, site data, global administrator and who’s responsible to check the device each month.  That point of contact gets an email each month to perform the audit and once they check the device for readiness, presence, visible damage, consumable expiration they record the results in the web-based software using a PC, smartphone, or device.  As a result the global administrator gets a vantage point of readiness at the account, site and device level.

  • AED LIFELINKcentral is designed for complete Program Management of an organization’s Automated External Defibrillators. The web-based software provides reporting, battery and electrode expiration notifications, promotes periodic equipment audits, and allows for tracking of CPR-certified personnel. This solution has additional features intended for compliance with State AED Laws. The license fee is per AED in a 1-Year Term.
  • AED PlusTrac Readiness Solution from AED One-Stop Shop & in 1-Year term per AED. This offering includes PlusTrac readiness management software used to internally audit AED equipment for readiness. Furthermore, it provides everything for needed for compliance and mitigation of legal risk. AED PlusTrac includes Medical Direction & Oversight, EMS notification, E-mail reminder to check equipment, E-mail reminders for expiring pads and batteries, and post-event support (including loaner AEDs, and ECG downloads) when an AED is used in a rescue.

The system runs beautifully and ultimately your organization and employees will have piece of mind and confidence that their life-protecting AEDs are never neglected and always ready to save a life.  Call us at 855-677-2337 or email us at to get more information or a formal quote.