Benefits of Portable AED Bundles

When you get an AED, you want to have everything you need to make sure it works. Purchase offers a variety of different AED bundles with all the equipment you need to ensure your AED is ready to use so you can be prepared in an emergency. We offer a wide selection of different bundles from trusted brands—find out why our portable bundles are the best way to buy an AED.

Get Great Equipment

Many of our bundles come standard with cases, pads, batteries, and instructions. Cases help improve the portability of the AEDs, and the batteries and pads are needed to maintain and make sure that your AED is always ready to use. Our bundles also come with instructions or setup guides for you to consult. All our bundles also come with a manufacturer warranty so you can trust in the reliability and durability of our AEDs. Our AED bundles often have a rescue kit that comes standard with a CPR mask, shears, razor, and more.

What Bundle to Choose

Portable AED bundles are a great choice due to their mobile and portable design. While many of the features of our portable AED bundles come standard, there are some features that vary. Our bundles come with different battery types with different lifespans, some of which can last for up to four years before needing to be replaced, like the LIFEPAK bundle. Others are designed with more beginner-friendly features, in mind, like our ZOLL AED Plus bundle that can deliver a shock without having to push a button. The Defibtech AED bundle is also very user-friendly with straightforward instructions and a similar automatic shock delivery system. For those looking to have an AED for at-home use, the Philips HeartStart AED bundle is a great choice, as it can be purchased for home use without needing a prescription.

Buying an AED can be challenging, but we’re here to help! If you’re struggling with choosing the right AED, take a look at our Buyer’s Guide for assistance. You can also contact us online or by giving us a call at (855) 677-2337 for additional information and help in finding the right portable AED bundle.