The “No-Shock-Button Automatic” AED from LIFEPAK

Physio-control Lifepak CR Plus

Imagine for a moment that an employee, customer, stranger or even a loved one collapses without any warning.  They are non-responsive and not breathing.  What would you do?  Would you call 911?  Would you begin CPR?  Is your workplace equipped with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator?)  If you don’t have an AED at your office, this should be remedied quickly. It is estimated there are well over 2 million AEDs hanging on walls in the U.S. protecting lives.

An AED prompts a rescuer through saving a life with clear voice and visual prompts.  Once the electrode pads are placed on the chest, it determines whether the individual is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest and in need of a defibrillation shock.  With the amazing advancement in technology, the LIFEPAK CR-Plus AED not only does this but can deliver a shock without even have to push a shock button.  The logic behind this ease-of-use feature is that sometimes people become hesitant in such a scenario, an Automatic AED removes the need to make a decision.  Talk about simple!

Physio-Control and LIFEPAK are trusted names for EMS Agencies, Hospitals and Fire Departments all over the U.S.  They also make  remarkably easy AEDs for the public and the lay person. Their feature product for workplaces and communities is the LIFEPAK CR-Plus AED.  This device balances ease-of-use, speed to rescue, and some of the best technology around with its capability of delivering up to 360 joules of energy for hard to defibrillate victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The LIFEPAK CR-Plus can be distinguished by its black and yellow color and once you open the AED lid a distinctive red handle which opens the electrodes or pads.  This feature along with other design attributes speeds the amount of time to turn on the device, place the pads on the chest and then deliver therapy.

Are AEDs affordable?  Certainly. The LIFEPAK CR-Plus AED is on sale for $1795 and comes complete with battery, 2 electrode pads, carry case, rescue kit and even an 8-year warranty.  Use of AEDs are included in Good Samaritan Laws and your proactive thinking could lead to lives being saved.