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The statistics for Sudden Cardiac Arrest deaths in the U.S. each year are absolutely alarming.  There are incredibly passionate individuals who teach CPR, form foundations, conduct heart screening events, sell AEDs, and volunteer their time and advocate for the cause of prevention and protecting lives.  And yet too many people are not yet aware of the problem that SCA poses and as a result are reactive rather than proactive.  Many don’t realize the role that AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) play in the chain of survival.  They are not aware that AEDs are safe and easy-to-use and surprisingly affordable to protect lives with.

At PurchaseAEDs.com we take pride in assisting customers every day with the answers to their questions, the consultation they sometimes need, and by making AED buying simple and painless. Our approach is to never forget that the products we provide help protect and save lives.  We hope that our passion is evident in the way we do business.

Navigate our site and you’ll see that we’ve thought of everything.  One innovative touch is that you can hover over each product offered on the site, watch the image flip and get a clear, uncomplicated description of what the product is and does.  We represent the best that the industry has to offer in products, training and even programs and services.  Customers can build a shopping cart with an AED from one of five trusted brands, add a quality wall cabinet from Modern Metal, a CPR/AED training class from American Heart Association, and accompany it with Plus-Trac Professional from En-Pro.  All this in one transaction, one payment, and from one partner, PurchaseAEDs.com.

All AED products are not created equal, the unique features and nuances that each possesses could play an important part in improving the outcome for a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  We hope that our intuitive site and knowledgeable support will assist you to select the right one for your needs.  Not all AED suppliers are created equal, and at PurchaseAEDs.com we prefer to think of ourselves as partners rather than vendors.  Thank you sincerely for your interest in our offerings and for doing business with us.