What Is AED PlusTrac & Why Do We Need It?

At purchaseAEDs.com we often get the question “Can you service our AEDs?” or “Do you offer maintenance agreements or site inspections for our AEDs?”  We realize that what our customers are really looking for is the peace of mind to know their AEDs haven’t been neglected, that their pads and batteries are current, and most of all that the AED would and could really save a life if needed.

This begs the question, do you:

  1. Pay a lot of money for a company to inspect your AEDs on a regular basis
  2. Have employees check the devices and try to get compliant with all the laws
  3. Invest in AED PlusTrac which automates everything for you and does all the registration

Well yes C is the most attractive option because it leverages web-based software called PlusTrac.com, powerful applications called CheckAED and the World’s largest program management offering from En-Pro & ZOLL.

purchaseAEDs.com and our parent company AED One-Stop Shop are authorized National PlusTrac dealers and thus our customers can buy new AEDs, batteries, pads, CPR training and PlusTrac licenses all from one company.  Here’s what AED PlusTrac.com offers you:

  1. Readiness software to have your employees check your AEDs each month
  2. Monthly email reminders to do so
  3. Software and apps that make it easy to inspect the AEDs and record the results on phones and devices
  4. A dashboard which shows management if AEDs are inspected and when supplies like batteries and pads should be budgeted for and replaced
  5. Medical direction is required in many States and this comes with the PlusTrac license agreement
  6. EMS notification and other AED registration gets taken care of automatically too
  7. Post-event services including loaner AEDs when an AED is used in a rescue

So is AED PlusTrac expensive?  No it’s very affordable considering all you get and it’s available in various terms.  You’ll need 1 license per AED that you manage on the program and here’s the pricing for each of the 1, 3 and 5-year terms:

You can either add these to your shopping cart or request a quote at –Sales@purchaseAEDs.com or by calling 855-677-2337.  Thanks for reading all about PlusTrac and as a reward here’s a little teaser of what’s to come.  The word is that the soon to be available ZOLL AED 3 device will pair automatically with AED PlusTrac using a Wi-Fi network.  The tandem of the ZOLL AED 3 and PlusTrac would together give any school, community, company or organization a World Class AED program leveraging the industry’s best and newest technology.