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What do customers want when selecting an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)?  They often seek ease-of-use and simplicity overall all other product features.  They look for an AED that is equally straight-forward for either a trained responder of for one who’s not.

AED technology is constantly improving with usability in mind.  In the battle between defibrillator manufacturers, Defibtech offered a distinct advancement when they launched the Defibtech VIEW AED.  With the addition of a video LCD screen they enhanced the way the AED coaches the responder by combining amazing visual video prompts with voice.  The color screen shows video images which display removal of the patient’s shirt, correct placement of the electrode pads and even delivery of good CPR.

If you imagine that chaotic moment when a loved one or colleague is down, it is certainly difficult to remain calm.  The functionality of the AED and the way it coaches can make a huge difference in how quickly and effectively one can deliver defibrillation therapy.  Defibtech got it right with this amazingly innovative life-saving product.

The VIEW is not only easy-to-use but the technology within the device is quite advanced.  The Defibtech platform is upgradable which proves most helpful when CPR protocols are changed and amended.  This product also uses the color screen for an excellent menu to configure the device or even change into a demo mode for training purposes.

These nice product features combine to make it an emerging choice for corporations, churches, government and more.  Clinics and dental offices are drawn to the Defibtech VIEW also.  AED One-Stop Shop and are authorized distributors of the Defibtech line of AEDs.  Contact us for a video demonstration of this product by calling 855-OSS-AEDS.

Do consider the Defibtech VIEW AED for your next purchase of life-protecting AEDs.  Buy it now here:  Defibtech VIEW on sale now from and enjoy a $350 off.