How makes it easy to buy AEDs online?

Powerheart G5 AED

As a way to protect and make your employees safe you plan to buy AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators.  As we do for so many items these days we’ll search for these life-saving AED devices on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.  However, you’ll quickly see that this is a surprisingly crowded marketplace with many brands, many models and many online vendors.

A public defibrillator or AED is an easy-to-use life-saving device designed for both lay-rescuers with little or no experience as well as professional rescuers from a public safety or medical background.  But for all organizations like workplaces, churches, schools, non-profits, gyms, athletic clubs, government facilities and more the decision as to what type to buy and also how many is quite difficult.

Enter which has a refreshing approach to buying AEDs. emphasizes the following:

  1. Affordable pricing: we offer discounted pricing for brand new equipment without having to worry about quality or whether these are refurbished or used devices
  2. Focused selection: we’ve narrowed our product offerings to the most popular AEDs and accessories rather than offer hundreds or thousands of medical products
  3. Simplicity: hover over any product with your mouse and a short and simplified description will appear
  4. Free shipping: we’ll ship your chosen AED products for free via FedEx or UPS ground anywhere in the continental U.S.

This approach helps those who are not sure which type to buy.  Sometimes customers know what they want and for instance if you seek the popular Philips HeartStart brand simple select the brand and find only the most commonly purchased Philips items.  If you seek the bright green ZOLL equipment it will be equally simple to find and buy the ZOLL AEDs, batteries and pads.

Our customers also love our Workplace & Community Bundles which feature a complete package of everything needed to protect lives in a facility including AED, battery, pads, carry case, cabinet and signage.  Yes, it’s that easy at but if you seek professional help simply call us at 505-800-5280 for live support.