ZOLL AED Plus on Sale

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The ZOLL AED Plus is one of the most popular AED types in the United States.  It has become a prominent choice because of its versatility, feature set, trusted technology and low cost of ownership.  It’s versatile in that it can be appropriate for a school district, city government, corporate environment, or public safety entity.  Its feature set includes voice and visual prompts, advanced CPR coaching, a special one-piece pad set.  In respect to cost of ownership the ZOLL AED Plus boasts 5-year duration pads and affordable consumer type batteries.

Initially however the ZOLL has one of the more expensive initial price points at about $1700 – $1900.  To help offer value PurchaseAEDs.com offers the ZOLL AED Plus Workplace & Community Bundle.  This product bundle is established with the average workplace or public place in mind.  It includes all the items that one would need to protect and save a life.

What’s the in the box?

  • ZOLL AED Plus Fully-Auto
  • Soft Cover from ZOLL
  • 10 Duracell Brand Lithium Batteries
  • 1-Set of Adult CPR-D Padz
  • CPR-D Accessory Kit (CPR mask, shears, razor, etc.)
  • Surface Mount Metal AED Cabinet
  • 3-Dimensional Wall Sign
  • Operator Guide
  • Demonstration & Setup CD
  • 5-Year to 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty

So how much does such a comprehensive bundle cost?  PurchaseAEDs.com offers this for just $1750.00. PurchaseAEDs.com is pleased to accept credit card including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and even PayPal.

You’ll enjoy ZOLL high quality life-saving product and the attention to detail for this public access defibrillator.  If you’ve been searching for the right portable AED machine this popular device might be a great consideration.

Call us at 855-677-AEDs or email us at Sales@PurchaseAEDs.com for more details on ZOLL and other wonderful products that might help launch or complement your own AED program.