CPR Coaching Prompts and AEDs

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Public Defibrillators are becoming more and more common in communities, gyms, workplaces and anywhere that people gather.  AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators are an integral part of Chain of Survival.

The Chain of Survival includes the following steps:

–        Early access to get help

–        Early CPR to buy time

–        Early defibrillation to restart the heart

–        Early ALCS to stabilize

It’s all about time to give the sudden cardiac victim the best chance of survival.  If a defibrillation shock can be delivered in 2 minutes or less the patient has approximately an 80% chance of survival.  AED manufacturers are working hard to improve prompts to help rescuers improve the speed it takes to power up the device, place electrodes on the chest and deliver a shock.

Furthermore, AEDs now give rescuers prompts to not only begin CPR but many times now coach rescuers in the rate and even depth of compressions.  AEDs use voice and visual prompts and the metronome is certainly a wonderful tool.  It’s common for lay rescuers to not push fast enough nor deep enough on the chest.  ZOLL devices have a proprietary technology called Real CPR Help which gives real time feedback.  Philips recently added a technology called QCPR for their innovative HeartStart FR3 Professional device.  HeartSine AEDs for public assess have a very straightforward and easy to follow metronome.  While Defibtech uses voice prompts in tandem with an amazing display screen to demonstrate and coach CPR with their VIEW AED.

We share these important features to help illustrate that purchasing AEDs is not the same a purchasing a commodity.  These are life-saving devices and these features and how the commands are carried out could have a dramatic impact as to whether the victim survives.  PurchaseAEDs.com makes the comparison and selection of AEDs easier with simple overviews and more in depth product descriptions.  Shop at purchaseAEDs.com now!!  You could help to save a life.