Defibtech Lifeline AUTO Public Defibrillator

AUTO defibrillator

Defibtech, the Connecticut-based manufacturer of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs,) has been bringing innovative technology to the industry for some years.  In an endless cause to help combat Sudden Cardiac Arrest death AED-makers work to make their life-saving devices easier-to-use.  One such enhancement to an already award-winning product is the latest enhancement to the Defibtech Lifeline AED.  Their new AUTO version can deliver a life-saving shock without even having to push a shock button.  The rationale for such a feature is that rescuers can sometime hesitate to push the button.  In that daunting moment when a colleague or love one is down this can be a stressful scenario.  Defibtech launched the Automatic AED with these concerns in mind.

The Defibtech Lifeline AUTO has simple one-button operation in which the responder turns on the device and it does the rest.  Clear voice prompts guide the responder through the entire rescue and only when the pads are attached to the chest and the analysis algorithm determines that a shock is absolutely necessary does the AED deliver the shock automatically.  This AED is not the only automatic type on the market but it is certainly the most affordable automatic on the market with a price of just $1295 – $1345 depending upon the battery type.

In addition to this popular AUTO feature and reasonable price point, the Lifeline defibrillator boasts many great features and benefits.  They feature a long life battery which lasts either 5-years or 7-years, clever ergonomic design and a noticeable bright yellow color.  The device performs self-tests and it has a very rugged design and is tested to military standards for shock and vibration. is proud to represent the Defibtech products.  We would encourage you to consider the Defibtech Lifeline AUTO for your place of business, school, church or community.  Visit Lifeline AUTO from to learn more about the device and purchase.  Simply add to the cart and you can pay by credit card or even PayPal.  Call 855-677-2337 for a free consultation on the variety of wonderful Defibtech AEDs.