HeartSine AED Package/Bundle

HeartSine 350P AED

HeartSine is incredibly innovative as a manufacturer of life-protecting public defibrillators.  PurchaseAEDs.com is an ecommerce site which makes these amazing AEDs available to companies, schools, universities, clinics, churches and more.

If you spend a half an hour browsing similar sites or shopping for AEDs online it can become a blur.  PurchaseAEDs.com is a new-comer in this space but we make the process of product selection simple and straightforward.  Not only that, the pricing is excellent as we want to make these life-saving devices affordable for all.  We are excited to announce the launch of our especially configured Workplace & Community AED Bundles to further the simplicity and value we offer to customers.

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P AED is a growingly popular life-saving device marrying low cost and great features.  It is the smallest, lightest and most compact device and its ease-of-use and technology are excellent.  This HeartSine 350P Workplace & Community bundle features absolutely everything you’ll need to protect lives including cabinet and key accessories.

What’s the in this PurchasAEDs.com Bundle?

  • Deluxe Carry Case from HeartSine
  • Pad-Pak combined Battery and Pad Set with 4-Year Expiration
  • HeartSine Prep Kit (CPR mask, shears, razor, etc.)
  • Surface Mount Metal AED Cabinet
  • 3-Dimensional Wall Sign
  • Warranty Info & Registration Card
  • User Manual & Instructional DVD
  • com Prescription
  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

This special product bundle is configured by purchaseAEDs.com where AED buying is made simple and affordable.  Our price is an amazingly low $1260.00 with free FedEx Ground shipping which is a complete bargain for a life-saving AED device of any kind, especially one so well-designed. We accept visa, amex, mastercard, discover, paypal and even paypal credit where you can enjoy 6 months to pay.

Act now while this AED Bundle remains on sale and hopefully before a crisis arises where you’ll need an AED!