LIFEPAK AEDs for Workplace & Community

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Physio-Control is the company behind the trusted LIFEPAK brand of professional defibrillators as well as the LIFEPAK public defibrillators for the workplace and community.  Since the LIFEPAK brand is utilized by so many first responders, fire departments and ambulance companies these individuals often recommend to schools, government buildings, police departments, churches and local businesses that they protect lives with LIFEPAK AEDs.

The LIFEPAK CR-Plus is certainly the lead device for most settings where a lay-rescuer may be first to respond.  Though they have a very economical LIFEPAK Express and a very rugged LIFEPAK 1000 type of defibrillator which is most popular for law enforcement, the CR-Plus balances ease-of-use, ruggedness, reliability, and perhaps of most importance quick shock times.  The CR-Plus can be distinguished by its black and yellow coloring and very noticeable quality design.  Over the years Physio-Control has modified the look with usability in mind and more specifically attributes which become clear to the responder how to power up the device and then place the electrode pads quickly.  What the team at LIFEPAK realize is that every moment is valuable in a sudden cardiac arrest rescue and if one can defibrillate the patient in one minute studies suggest that the likelihood of recovery is about 90%.  With these stats in mind they’ve placed an arrow which point to the on button and a distinctive red handle to open the foil pouch for the pads very quickly.  Physio-Control boasts that the LIFEPAK CR-Plus is the quickest to deliver defibrillation therapy in the industry.

Other features customer enjoy is the 8-Year warranty for the CR-Plus, an optional automatic shock delivery and affordable replacements for batteries and pads. is pleased to offer LIFEPAK AEDs and we are announcing a special price on the LIFEPAK CR-Plus of just $1695.  This bundle includes battery, pads, carry case, rescue kit and more.   Click here LIFEPAK AED special from to take advantage of this offer.  Simply put the item in your cart and checkout with either PayPal, visa, MasterCard, discover, or Amex.  Your proactive thinking and willingness to invest in safety could lead to a valuable life being saved.