LIFEPAK Express AED Special Offer

LIFEPAK Defibrillator

Physio-Control’s LIFEPAK brand is associated with quality and advanced life-saving technology.  Their LIFEPAK 1000 and LIFEPAK CR-Plus devices offer premium features and as a result are on the upper-end of the pricing range of AEDs.

But did you know that Physio-Control offers a device with a more budget-friendly price tag?  It’s the LIFEPAK Express.  This AED is distinguished by its white color and black softshell carrying case.  The LP Express balances ease-of-use, fast shock delivery and gives patients a great chance of survival with some outstanding technology.  Physio-Control automated external defibrillators utilize high escalating energy and can deliver as much as 360J of energy which is the industry leader. is proud to offer the LIFEPAK Express on sale today for just $1295.00.  Click here $1295.00 Offer to buy one or more right now.  Beyond the low initial price, the LIFEPAK Express is affordable to maintain with low cost CHARGE-PAKS which include a battery charging stick which fuels the internal medical grade battery and a set of electrodes for around $100.

The voice prompts are particularly good on this AED type and once the pads are placed on the chest it analyzes the rhythm.  The LIFEPAK AED will only deliver a shock if the patient is certainly exhibiting a shockable rhythm.

If these product advantages weren’t enough the Express boast compatibility with LIFEPAK 12 and 15 Monitor/Defibrillators that many EMS agencies, ambulance companies and Metro FDs are equipped with.  This means if a rescue is initiated in a public place with a LIFEPAK Express the professionals can leave the pads on the chest and plug them directly in to their professional-type LP-15’s. is becoming popular for the AED buyers since we help simplify the buying process with only the most popular AED devices and accessories offered.  The product descriptions are particularly understandable. makes the transaction easy and we accept visa, amex, mastercard, discover and paypal too.