LIFEPAK 1000 AED Defibrillator

Physio-Control AEDs

Do you have a professional background as a first responder within a Fire Department, EMS Agency, Ambulance Company, Volunteer Fire Department, or a Law Enforcement Agency?  If so, first we thank you for serving your community, protecting lives and efforts to support public safety.  There’s no doubt if you’ve been in a role such as this you know about LIFEPAK.  This trusted brand has been owned by two companies, once Medtronic and now Physio-Control.

The professional type LIFEPAK Defibrillator/Monitors are used frequently in the ALCS and Hospital settings.  This article however is targeted at their wonderfully-designed LIFEPAK 1000 AED Defibrillator available from and the numerous potential applications.

The Physio-Control line up of AEDs includes the affordable LP Express ($1295) the popular LP CR-Plus ($1695 – $1795) and the versatile LP-1000 ($2395 – $2995.)  Those communities who understand the LIFEPAK products are about reliability, advanced defibrillation technology, and connectivity go to the trusted LIFEPAK brand repeatedly.  LIFEPAK offers all of these benefits and of course compatibility between public access AEDs and the professional LIFEPAK equipment.  In other words if somebody drops victim of cardiac arrest in City Hall and a rescue is attempted with a LIFEPAK AED, professional rescuers once they arrive can connect existing AEDs pads to their LP-15 Monitor to save valuable time and improve continuity of care.

The LIFEPAK 1000 with ECG is a wonderful choice for a BLS Fire Department or VFD.  While the LIFEPAK 1000 with simple graphic display is optimal for a Police Dept, Sheriff’s Office or even local government facilities.

Some of the top features of the LIFEPAK 1000 are rugged design, a large visual screen, excellent voice prompting, potent shock delivery, and availability of 3-lead ECG monitoring (if preferred.)  Call us at 505-800-5280 for more or contact our consultative approach partner AED One-Stop Shop directly.