The lineage of the trusted LIFEPAK brand gives customers a confidence in these amazing feature-packed Automated External Defibrillators.  Once part of Medtronic and now Physio-Control (a Stryker Company,) these LIFEPAK AEDs are manufactured in the United States, in Redmond Washington.  Ask someone from Hospital setting if they know about LIFEPAK or someone with an EMS or Paramedic background and they’ll likely speak highly of this reliable name.

LIFEPAK AEDs or public defibrillators are remarkably straightforward to operate, they boast wonderful technology and they have been used to save countless lives.  Here are a few product features which make their flagship AED, the LIFEPAK CR-Plus, a top choice for schools, workplaces and community:

  1. Fast to power on. This might sound like a funny feature but in reality any hesitation to powering on an AED could negatively affect an outcome of a sudden cardiac victim.  The same button that opens the lid automatically starts up the device.
  2. The big red handle. What is this?  It’s a large handle which when pulled automatically tears open the electrode pads.  This is incredibly suggestive and just so simple.
  3. ClearVoice prompts. There’s amazing science behind the voice you hear which guides you through the rescue and it’s designed to be clear despite how loud background noise might be in this chaotic moment.
  4. Visual prompts. Small LED lights illuminate to help show the rescuer where to place the pads.  This is especially helpful in an especially loud environment.
  5. Fully-Automatic shock. The LIFEPAK CR-Plus is available in a version which delivers a shock all by itself without the rescuer having to make a difficult decision.
  6. Potent defibrillation. We invest in AEDs to protect lives and when this event happens the LIFEPAK can help treat difficult to defibrillate patients with a shock delivery which goes up to an industry-high of 360 joules of energy.
  7. Compatibility with EMS systems. If a rescue is started in say a workplace with a LIFEPAK CR-Plus AED, when the medics arrive minutes later it is likely they could connect the AED pads with their professional LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator/monitor. is a “preferred” National Authorized LIFEPAK Distributor and we can help any organization who already has LIFEPAK AEDs or is seeking them.  It’s simple to buy LIFEPAK AEDs online at a discounted price or call 855-677-AEDs or email for a competitive quote for the LIFEPAK Automated External Defibrillators.  Ready to buy?  Here’s the best value on the entire web LIFEPAK CR Plus Fully-Automatic Workplace & Community Bundle for $1,829.00.