Philips HeartStart FR2 AEDs Batteries & Pads

Philips HeartStart FR2 pads

If you have had Philips HeartStart AEDs for a decade or more you may have the FR2 or FR2+ models which are nearing their “end of life.”  What does this mean?  It means that Philips will soon no longer carry the FR2 type batteries and pads.  You have a few choices:

  1. Buy FR2 batteries and pads one last time
  2. Trade-In your old FR2 AEDs for a new AEDs from

We are armed with an inventory of FR2 batteries and FR2 pads to help you maintain your life-saving AED for a little longer.  You could also complete our Request a Quote feature to see if you’re eligible for a special discount.  Or should you opt to upgrade to a new AED device, you’ll see that the new technology is much improved.  AEDs have generally become easier to use, more economical to maintain, and their reliability and self-testing is more advanced than ever.  Not sure whether to stick with the trusted Philips HeartStart brand like the OnSite or FRx or whether to switch to another brand?  Try our 14 question interactive AED Buyer’s Guide and we use your completed form to recommend the ideal AED type for you!  To reach an AED consultant just call 855-677-2337 or email