What benefit does a Philips On-site AED have?

Many customers seeking life-protecting AEDs look for affordability but they must weigh technology too as lives are on the line.  Fortunately, the Philips OnSite AED blends a low price point with a  particularly clever device.  The OnSite model has a distinctive red carry case and if you search your memory you’ve seen these devices at the airport, workplace, mall or community center.

The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED is one of the most popular life-saving devices in the AED industry.  It pairs great ease-of-use voice prompts with surprising affordability from Philips Healthcare.  This Philips OnSite Workplace & Community bundle features absolutely everything you’ll need to protect lives including cabinet and key accessories.

What’s the in the box?

Philips HeartStart OnSite AED

Slim Carrying Case from Philips

Long-Life Philips 4-Year Battery

1 SMART Adult Electrode Pads

Philips Fast Response Kit (CPR mask, shears, razor, etc.)

Surface Mount Metal AED Cabinet

3-Dimensional Wall Sign

Owner Manual & Maintenance Booklet

Quick Setup Guide & Reference Guide

8-Year Manufacturer Warranty

This special product bundle is configured by purchaseAEDs.com where AED buying is made simple and affordable.

Now a little more detail as to why the Philips OnSite AED also known as the HeartStart HS1 is a great choice for your organization…  This device has voice prompts which are clear and decisive and the intuitive prompts speed for experienced rescuers and slows for those who are not and are perhaps slower to complete the tasks.  The analysis algorithm for HeartStart AEDs are very sophisticated and this advanced technology helps to ensure the defibrillator delivers a life-saving shock to those who need one.  A waveform is a way that energy is delivered to an SCA victim and the Philips OnSite AED uses the proprietary SMART biphasic technology to effectively defibrillate the heart with a little myocardial damage as possible.  In short, the Philips OnSite AED from PurchaseAEDs.com is one of the best total values available.