OnSite AED / Defibrillator from Philips Healthcare

Philips OnSite HS1

A growing number of workplaces are protecting the lives of their employees, customers, and visitors with Automated External Defibrillators.  And growing too are the number who purchase the HeartStart OnSite AED from Philips.

What do consumers want?  It appears there’s a common thread between what customers seek in a portable, life-saving device.  They seek ease-of-use, general affordability, and a trustworthy device which has been demonstrated to work.

Simplicity.  The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED from purchaseAEDs.com (see here) is no doubt a very simple device to use.  It can be turned on with a power button or by pulling a green handle which doubles to not only power up the device but to begin accessing the electrode pads.  The voice prompts are not only clear and decisive but calming too.  All responders handle pressure situations differently but the intuitive commands of the OnSite AED adapt to guide faster or slower responders with commands that repeat and even change.

Affordability.  The OnSite is surprisingly manageable for budgets whether businesses and communities seek just a few AEDs or perhaps many.  PurchaseAEDs.com offers this device for just $1199.00 which is a most reasonable price for a life-saving device.  Not only are the AEDs affordable but accessories such as the slim carry case, fast response kit and metal wall bracket are priced excellently.  Cost of ownership is quite manageable too with a battery with a list price of just $169.00 and an average life of 4-years.

Trustworthiness.  Philips is a trusted name and their reputation is associated with quality.  The HeartStart OnSite AED performs automatic self-tests to ensure it’s able to save a life at all times.  The daily tests require no human intervention and they are very comprehensive since they check numerous components for complete readiness.  Beyond all this Philips AEDs feature an 8-Year warranty and comprehensive indemnification protection.

With features such as these it’s no wonder that we at purchaseAEDs.com enjoy providing Philips life-saving technology all over the country.  For more on Philips AEDs call 855-677-AEDs.