Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDs

Philips OnSite HS1

AED buyers have important decisions to make since the Automated External Defibrillators that they purchase and help maintain protect lives.  They protect the lives of students, employees, visitors, customers and the general public.  Many such buyers have placed trust in the Philips name and the reputation that stands behind it.  Trust-worthiness is imperative for a medical device such as this that can help to save a life.  You will recognize the Philips HeartStart AED products by their distinctive red and white carry cases and if you look carefully you will notice these HeartStart brand devices in more public places that you might think.

Perhaps the leading seller in the line of Philips AEDs is the HeartStart OnSite which is also sometimes called the HS1 or HeartStart 1.  Some of the reasons this versatile AED has been a top choice for schools, corporations, government and universities is its affordable price point, light weight, easy set-up, intuitive features and very reasonable cost of HeartStart batteries and pads.  If you are plan to buy an AED for almost any public setting or even as a home defibrillator this AED is an excellent choice.

When demonstrated to an audience the most typical observation is “that was very easy and straight-forward.”  These ease-of-use features are very well designed with the lay rescuer in mind.  Behind the simple appearance of the Philips OnSite, the core of this device and all HeartStart Defibrillators is a technology called SMART Biphasic, this type of shock delivery is highly effective while it minimizes harmful side effects to the heart. is pleased to offer this phenomenal product and you can learn more or buy this product by clicking here Philips OnSite on sale.  We also have excellent consultative support should you have any questions about Philips AEDs or defibrillators in general.