Why the Samaritan 350P AED from HeartSine is Hot!

In a day and age when devices are becoming smaller, lighter and even easier-to-use so too are AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators.)  There are 6 AED brands which are currently FDA approved in the United States:  LIFEPAK, Philips HeartStart, ZOLL, Defibtech Lifeline, Powerheart & HeartSine Samaritan.  Many customers aren’t very familiar with the HeartSine Samaritan type but when you weigh the price and the features its no wonder this life-saving AED is trending hot.  Here are some the features our customers enjoy about HeartSine with is now a Stryker Company:

  1. The price is excellent.  We sell the HeartSine Samaritan on purchaseAEDs.com starting at just $1315 before coupon.  
  2. Maintenance made easy.  Rather than separate pads and batteries the Samaritan AEDs use a PAD-PAK which both components in one affordable $186.00 part replaced just every 4-years.
  3. It’s small and compact.  In fact its between 28% – 56% less in footprint than some of the other AED types.
  4. It’s lightweight.  The HeartSine Samaritan AEDs way just 2.4 pounds and this makes it a very attractive life-saving device for travelers and those who desire a truly portable device.
  5. Visual prompts are great.  In the daunting situation where a loved one is down it’s nice that the device has both voice prompt and visual indicators which show you how to save a life.
  6. The Free PAD-PAK program.  If a HeartSine AED is used in a rescue and the customer downloads the event and submits it to www.HeartSIne.com/defib they get a free replacement.  This doesn’t work for expiring PAD-PAKs and exclusions for First Responders exist.

Yes we thought you’d find this compelling!  Now where to buy your HeartSine Samaritan 350P AEDs?  PurchaseAEDs.com is certainly the site to buy on because we ship only brand new equipment from Stryker complete with 8-warranty and all the accessories and services you’ll need to be compliant with your AED program.  You can buy the device here whether you’d like it to be a Portable Bundle or a Workplace & Community Bundle with cabinet.  Use “SAMSAVE75” for an additional $75.00 off and final price as low as $1240.00.  Need more help deciding call purchaseAEDs.com at 855-677-2337 option 1 or email Sales@purchaseAEDs.com.