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Cardiac Science AEDs

Cardiac Science is headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just west of Milwaukee, the company also has a manufacturing facility in Deerfield, Wisconsin, as well as operations in California, Denmark, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom and has an installed base of over 500,000 units in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

Their newest life-saving device is the Powerheart G5 AED which is loaded with incredible technology suitable for public access like schools and government or first responders like Fire Departments and Law Enforcement.  The G5 is orange in color and comes with a sleek gray carrying case and ready kit.  It is estimated that there are 40 million Spanish speaking individuals in the United States and the Powerheart boasts dual language prompts.  In fact the U.S. has more Spanish speakers than Spain.  The G5 powers on automatically when the AED lid is opened and the prompts begin in English language, if the responder pushes the “Espanol” button the device switches to Spanish language and can be toggle between languages with just the push of the button.

The Powerheart G5 is incredibly reliable, it wakes up daily to initiate and self-test of all the device components like hardware, batteries and pads.  The rescue ready indicator is large and visible and the AED will chirp if there’s an issue.

From the standpoint of ease-of-use, the Powerheart is remarkably straightforward.  The voice prompts are particularly descriptive and the device adapts to the speed of the rescuer.  In the event of a noisy environment for the rescue, the Powerheart AED has a text screen which has text prompts which mirrors the voice prompts.  The fully-automatic version doesn’t even require the rescuer to push a shock button or make a difficult decision.  When the AED determines that the victim is indeed experiencing a cardiac arrest, it customizes the shock for the victim.  This technology is called variable escalating shock delivery since it increases the energy for each subsequent shock which can be valuable for a tough to defibrillate patient.

With so much advanced technology you might expect the price point to be higher but the Powerheart G5 is offered on for just 1695.00 as a portable bundle or $1799.00 as workplace & community bundle.  If you’d like a customized quote from AED One-Stop Shop email us at or call us at 855-677-2337.