HeartSine Gateway WI-FI Kit & 4-Year AED LIFELINKcentral Readiness Software


The HeartSine Gateway device connects to any HeartSine 350P, 360P or 450P device to enable WI-FI connectivity with AED LIFELINKcentral software. Includes special larger Stryker carrying case, the gateway, a removal tool and 4-years of LIFELINKcentral Gold (Premium) software.

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This bundled offering of both hardware and software can help you upgrade the technology of your HeartSine Samaritan AEDs. HeartSine Gateway enables AED (Automated External Defibrillator) program managers to readily manage a HeartSine Gatewayfleet of HeartSine AEDs across a single or multiple locations by providing remote readiness information about each AED.

When integrated into a HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P, 360P or 450P, HeartSine Gateway communicates, via a Wi-Fi connection to LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager the results of the weekly AED self-test including if the AED battery is low.

The HeartSine Gateway is compatible with all HeartSine samaritan PAD models manufactured during or after 2013 (with serial number beginning with “13” or above). This will not work with the HeartSine Samaritan 300P type AEDs.