Lifeline’s “Automatic” AED Defibrillator

Defibtech Lifeline Fully-AUTO AED from

Time after time customers who are seeking AEDs (Public Portable Defibrillators) describe their key needs as being affordability, ease-of-use, and reliable technology.  Meet the Defibtech Lifeline AED which certainly fits this criteria.  The Lifeline is also known as the ReviveR and this automated external defibrillator can save a life in such a simple fashion that the responder doesn’t even have to push a shock button.  That’s right, this AED once powered on uses voice prompts to guide the responder to place the pads on the chest.  Once the rescuer has placed the pads on the victim’s bare chest the AED actually analyzes the patient’s heart rhythm and only delivers a shock to someone truly in need of defibrillation.  When the AED diagnoses that a shock is absolutely needed it does so “automatically” after a clear countdown and instruction to stand back.  Imagine such an emergency situation, it is daunting and stressful, and some “would-be” rescuers have been reported to freeze or hesitate, this Defibtech “AUTO” feature could be instrumental in such a life or death situation. is not the only place to buy AEDs online or to buy AEDs on sale but we do things differently.  Rather than there being hundreds or thousands of items, we offer only the 100 or so top products, in other words the ones you seek.  Navigation is simple to help the customer find what they need efficiently.  If you hover over a product with your mouse it revolves to show a 1 or 2 sentence description.  Want further detail, then click to reveal more information but it’s explained in fairly simple fashion.  Our pricing is wonderful and we only deal in brand new equipment from the manufacturer.