Top 10 Criteria for AED Buying Online

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The purchase process is forever changed now that the internet is a primary vehicle we use for product research, price comparison and the actual buying of products and services.  When it comes to the purchase of Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs, the web plays a significant role too.  In the design stage of the popular web store we asked AED buyers what was important to them when they searched and shopped for the vital life-saving devices.  Here’s what we learned:

  1. Price is important but it’s not the only buying criteria as customers realize that lives are at stake. Customers want to know they are getting a deal but don’t want to sacrifice reliability.
  2. Maintenance cost is an attribute as AED buyers like to look at the ongoing cost of consumables such as batteries and electrode pads for their AEDs.
  3. Customers want brand new products versus taking a risk with used or refurbished devices. For obvious reasons AED buyers prefer FDA-approved new devices rather than machines that have been tampered with or reconditioned.
  4. Product bundles are preferred since customers typically need other accompanying items like carrycases, cabinets, signs and sometimes pediatric pads.
  5. Simplifying the selection process is most helpful as the product features of the AED types can be quite complex.
  6. Succinct product descriptions are preferred as customers don’t want to read an entire product manual to make a selection.
  7. Choice is goodand customers like having different makes and models to choose from but that being said they don’t like sites with thousands of products.
  8. Site navigation design is important to help the consumer find what they need and sites with hundreds of pages tend to be confusing.
  9. Various payment options make customers happy as does an easy check-out process. Having visa, mastercard, discover, amex and paypal options are preferred.
  10. Live support is preferred and customers get frustrated when they can’t find a phone number or one that nobody answers. paid attention to what the buyers told us.  Our pricing is phenomenal and we’ve designed the Workplace & Community Bundles which include everything a customer might want.  We’ve narrowed our products offered to the most popular hundred or so items.  Hover over each item with your mouse and there’s a sentence or two that describes what you’re looking at.  You can buy with any credit card or paypal and there’s always someone you can reach by calling 855-677-AEDS or emailing