ZOLL AEDs, Batteries, Pads and AED PlusTrac


Do you have ZOLL AEDs?  They are bright green and can’t be confused for any other type of public defibrillator.  In the world of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) ZOLL has a huge following.  ZOLL AED Plus devices protect lives in schools, universities, homes, businesses, government, law enforcement, fire departments, churches, gyms and more.  Some of the features that drive this massive adoption include:

  • Rugged AED Design
  • Plenty of visual prompt (diagrams, led lights, text screen)
  • Real time CPR coaching
  • Escalating energy defibrillation
  • Automatic shock delivery option
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Pads with long expiration life
  • Consumer type batteries
  • Included accessories

PurchaseAEDs.com has provided a great many of these innovative Automated External Defibrillators to help protect life and heighten safety.  Visit our ZOLL page for more on this brand.  You’ll also find PurchaseAEDs.com has great prices on the ZOLL AED Plus “Fully Auto” or “Semi-Auto” type with a shock button.  Furthermore we have great pricing on the ZOLL lithium batteries, Stat-Padz and CPR-Padz.

Call us at 505-800-5280 or 855-677-2337 for more on ZOLL AED equipment.  And for perhaps the very best value on the internet check out the ZOLL AED Plus Workplace and Community Bundle and see what you get for $1779 or the ZOLL Portable Bundle for $1699 and keep in mind that these are only available from PurchaseAEDs.com.

If you represent a Fire Department, EMS Agency or Physician Clinic then you should take a look at the ZOLL AED PRO from PurchaseAEDs.com.  For those customers who’ve been eyeing the new ZOLL AED 3 which may be approved in the United States soon, you’ll be thrilled to hear the ZOLL AED 3 cloud-connects via WiFi with AED PlusTrac.  With the ZOLL AED 3 and AED PlusTrac you’ll be able to monitor your ZOLL AED 3 devices from the PlusTrac web-based software and enjoy optimum readiness for your entire AED Program.  PurchaseAEDs.com and AED One-Stop Shop are here to support your needs as an “Authorized ZOLL National Distributor.”  Email us at Sales@purchaseAEDs.com for questions or a price quote.