Why the LIFEPAK CR2 AED Stands Apart

What’s new in Automated External Defibrillators?  The LIFEPAK CR2!!!!  This life-saving device is manufactured by Physio-Control (now a Stryker Company.) The engineers must have been working overtime to fit so many features into this compact and easy-to-use device.  This device represents and introduces a new approach to t public access defibrillation.  If you’re familiar with AEDs or if your organization has older AED types, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to the new LIFEPAK CR2.  Here are the features you’ll love:

  1. WI-FI enabled which means you can connect the AEDs to LIFELINKcentral software to ensure they’re never neglected.
  2. Layered tray for pads and no need to handle foil pouches in an emergency
  3. English only or Bilingual language prompts at the push of a button
  4. 1-2 design in which you open the lid, pull the red handle and place the pads easily
  5. Continuous CPR through cprINSIGHT which means the AED can analyze ECG while the rescuer does CPR compressions
  6. CPR metronome for perfect pace of chest compressions
  7. Pediatric button which means you don’t need to invest in pediatric pads to save a child
  8. Ambient noise detection and ClearVoice technology which and amplify the device volume in a noisy setting
  9. 4-year batteries and pads on the very same supply replacement schedule

Heard enough and ready to buy?  Here are the bundles you can choose from which are determine language, whether you need cabinet and sign, and whether you want AED LIFELINKcentral readiness software to enable the WI-FI feature:

Portable AED Bundle with all supplies but not AED cabinet or sign

Workplace & Community AED Bundle with all supplies including AED cabinet & sign

WI-FI Connected Workplace AED Bundle with AED cabinet & sign & readiness software for 5-years

If you’d rather get a quote to use a PO (Purchase Order) here’s a link to our Request a Quote tool.  It only takes a few minutes to request exactly what you’d like on quote.  Prefer live help try us at 855-677-2337.  Thanks for learning about new life-saving technology from purchaseAEDs.com.