AED PlusTrac GOLD 5-Year Term


AED PlusTrac Gold is licensed per AED in a 5-Year term. PlusTrac Readiness Software is web-based. CheckAED App displays on PCs and Smart Phones for monthly AED checks & reporting tools. WIFI connection capable with ZOLL AED 3 AEDs. Provides complete Good Samaritan compliance including Medical Direction, EMS registration and post-event support.

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AEDs, while easy to use, require ongoing management and maintenance. In addition to training volunteers, a well-designed AED Program includes testing and maintaining your devices, a critical and overlooked factor in deploying AEDs in organizations. PlusTrac for Total AED Program Maintenance keeps you on track.
PlusTrac™ is an interactive, web-based AED management system that ensures the ongoing compliance of your AED Program. It can be accessed via an Internet connection and a web browser.
Currently all 50 states require the routine maintenance of AED devices according to manufacturer warranties in order for their indemnification provision to be extended to acquirers. Understanding the impact of this requirement, PlusTrac™ provides the only true interactive routine maintenance manager in the marketplace today.
PlusTrac™ features an Interactive Reporting Console, which allows you to view the overall status of your AED Program with a single click. With one simple click, you can view the readiness of your entire AED Program. PlusTrac™ allows you to easily: Make changes, such as removing or adding new AEDs. Record maintenance checks of AED units. Run compliance reports that help manage the Program and personnel.
Track consumable items such as batteries, electrodes, as well as the certification expiration dates of volunteer responders.