AED Arch GOLD 3-Year Term


AED Arch GOLD is licensed per AED in a 3-Year term. Arch Readiness Software is web-based software which displays on PCs and Smart Phones for monthly AED checks & reporting tools. This offering provides complete Good Samaritan compliance including Medical Direction, EMS registration, and post-event support if you use an AED.

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Arch exists to provide the support you need. When you need us, we are here for you. Managing an AED seems simple, just pop in the battery, hang it on a wall, and you’re done. Actually, there is a lot more to managing an AED to consider, including:

  • Developing a post AED usage plan, which includes – downloading the data from the AED, having a physician interpret the data and compile a report that needs to be submitted to required agencies.
  • Registering your AED with the required local agencies
  • Conducting regular inspections to ensure the AED functions properly
  • Having Medical Direction (for states that require it)
  • Replacing expiring parts
  • Efficiently managing multiple devices and trained CPR responders spread across multiple locations, all with different expiration dates.

When you factor everything involved in managing your AED, all of a sudden it doesn’t seem all that simple. But it can be!

AED Management- Simplified
Arch is a web-based tool that is designed to streamline AED ownership and assist with compliance. It includes a lot of features and benefits, including the post-event AED usage plan which includes:

  • A free loaner AED while we download and interrupt the data on your AED
  • Data review by our on-staff licensed Physician
  • A free set of electrode pads to replace the ones that were used Submission of data reports to required agencies on your behalf
  • A copy of the data for your records
  • Free shipping of your AED and loaner AED