Why WIFI-Connected AEDs?

purchaseAEDs.com’s awesome customers want an easy-to-use or straightforward AED (Automated External Defibrillator) right?  So why would anyone care at all whether your AED Defibrillator is “connected” to the internet or not?  Perhaps you’re picturing (or more likely dreading) a victim being on the ground and you commanding your colleagues to “Call 911 Mike!” and “Get the AED from the breakroom Sarah!” while you get ready to carryout CPR on the stranger who’s unconscious in the lobby.  You are relieved that Mike arrives with any AED because now the lifeless man has a much better chance of being revived from a Cardiac Arrest.

Saving a life is a daunting thing for anyone.  You hopefully want an AED to be available, and better close in proximity, and better powered up and ready to save a life.  How awful would the scenario be if Sarah sprinted in with an AED that had a completely dead battery or dried out electrode pads?  Risk Managers, Operations, Legal, Safety & Compliance departments are suddenly thinking about a law-suit from victim’s family. 

Here are the top 10 reasons for Cellular or WIFI-Connected AEDs:

  1. The AEDs get paired with web-based readiness software and there’s absolutely no software that needs to be installed, its viewed on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari browsers on your phone, tablet or PC!
  2. You no longer need your “human” employees to go check the AEDs each month and then comply with the data entry you request of them!
  3. The software like AED LIFELINKcentral or AED PlusTrac receives readiness or self-test status from the AED so you can view your 1 or 1000 AEDs !
  4. When your electrode pads or batteries are nearing expiration you are alerted!
  5. If your AED is moved, stolen, in-use, or falls out of temperature range you can be alerted!
  6. From a dashboard or easy to generate report you can view your consumable schedule for budgeting purposes!
  7. Keeping ongoing AED device inspections in place is done automatically for compliance with your State Good Samaritan laws or mitigation of legal risk!
  8. This WIFI and cellular connectivity opens the door to more sophisticated emergency medical systems where paramedics can view real-time ECG data while in transit or being dispatched!
  9. Who wants to go walk all over the campus to check on your AEDs?
  10. Who wants to keep up with spreadsheets or even worse paper check tag inspections?

Here are our top selling “connected” AED bundles that give you everything you’ll need:

#1  LIFEPAK CR2 English Auto WIFI-Connected Workplace AED Bundle $2695 part:  99512-001263 WIFIB

#2 ZOLL AED 3 WIFI-Connected Bundle with AED PlusTrac $2495 part:  8511-001102-01 WIFIB

#3 HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P AED WIFI-Connected Workplace Bundle $2175 part:  M5066A WIFI AED Sentinel 5_YEAR

#4 Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Cellular-Connected Bundle $1895 part:  350-STR-US-GW WIFIB

#5 LIFEPAK CR2 Bilingual Auto WIFI-Connected Workplace AED Bundle $2795 part:  99512-001267 WIFIB

If you put these items in a cart & buy you’ll get everything you’ll need including the AED, carrying case, supplies, alarmed cabinet, 3D sign, connectivity hardware, & accompanying readiness software license.  Call 855-677-2337 or email Sales@purchaseAEDs.com for a formal quote, general help or expert consultation.  Where do you purchase AEDs online?  purchaseAEDs.com where AED buying is made simple and affordable.